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Ben 10 Omni Match is a classic game. In this game your target is to delete as more as the the same design tiles within time limited, after you get the enough score, you can go to the next level. You can use your mouse to click on a tile which you want to start, and then press Space Bar to aim at the four tiles around the aimed. You can press the Left, Right, Up, or Down arrow key to swap aim tile location with the left, right, up, down tile to create matching sets of three or more. Sets (combos) are removed and added to the super stack (lower right). Extra bonus points awarded for super stack combos. Have Fun!! The online game Ben 10 Omni Match is a free game to play on PC, Mac or Laptop computers. You can read the game comments below on Ben 10 Omni Match, which may contain cheats and tricks, cheat codes, tips and full game solutions. You can play Ben 10 Omni Match for free on Internet, or download this game on your computer to play it off-line. Ben 10 Omni Match is a game created by
Ben 10 Omnimatch